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Wayne Rodrigues

Chief Instructor and Grading Examiner, 4th Dan Black Belt


Wayne is our chief instructor and founder of TKO Kickboxing Academy and our longest serving martial artist having started training back in 12BC. Wayne has achieved his black belt in three different disciplines karate, judo and is a Black Belt 4th Dan in kickboxing. He first opened a martial art gym in 1980 in a local village hall with a fellow martial artist. As you can see today he has successfully built up TKO and now has two dedicated kickboxing gyms training all abilities whether they wish to get fit or fight to be the next champion.

Teaching 5 nights a week is not enough for Wayne, he is a active kickboxing and white collar boxing referee attending shows almost weekly and will travel all over the country to take the TKO fighter to compete in full contact shows. when you hear people say martial art is there life Wayne is the perfect example of this

Wayne has competed competitively in every discipline he’s trained in having the most success in Karate. He continues to train regularly and has been known to dust of the sparring gloves on a Friday night.

Outside of kickboxing Wayne fancies himself as a golfer and is always up for a quick round before blasting the TKO members in the gym!

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Sean Hussey

2nd Dan Black Belt
Sean started training in Wado Ryu a traditional form of karate and by his 28th birthday he had reached his 1st Dan black belt, back in 1994, that gives you an idea of how young Sean is! Sean took a year break from martial arts when when he was ready to return he moved to kickboxing as he felt this would give him the competitive aspect he had craved in karate, this was back in 1999. He immediately started competing in kickboxing events across the country in in the space of 3 years had fault in 10 fights unfortunately he fighting career was cut short due a car accident. Since then he has focused on imparting his wisdom to the student at TKO and his experience is lengthy
ABA assistant coaching certificate in 2001, 1st Dan blackbelt in kickboxing in 2002, 2nd Dan in 2004 and he has trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ishin Ryu Jujitsu and have achieved basic level in Krav Maga.
Outside of the gym he has worked in the security industry for 24 years and holds a close protection license. You will see elements of self defence within his classes at TKO. When he’s not training, teaching or working he’s following martial arts, UFC, boxing and motor racing on the TV or attending events and of course spending time with his 12 year old son. By the end of 2018 is is hoped that he would ave achieved his 3rd Dan in Kickboxing.
Dave winch has been kickboxing at TKO since 2002 at the same time he decided to go back to University as a mature student. Being a student he had no money and a lot a spare time so was able to throw himself into training. Dave steady worked his way up through the grades eventually getting his black belt in 2006. He started teaching when he got his brown belt and has been involved with teaching every since. During this time he started to spar more and enjoyed the competitiveness side of the sport. He started to compete in light continuous bouts and soon progressed to semi professional full contact bouts. After a fighting career which lasted 4 years he finished with a record of 10 wins 1 loss and held the Southern Area and English Super Welterweight titles and was ranked number two in the U.K (under the reigning World Champion at the time). After he retired he took a greater interest in supporting the new generation of fighter coming through the ranks.

Laura Clark

3rd Dan Black Belt
Laura is one of our longest serving instructors having started at TKO in 2002. Originally she joined to work on her fitness but very quickly realised she loved all aspects for the sport from grading to competing. She started to teach on a regular basis when training for her brown belt in 2006 and has continued ever since. Not satisfied with her Brown belt she went on to train successfully for her Black Belt 1st Dan in 2007. As well as teaching Laura has had numerous light continuous bouts, to many to list. She started the junior program in Ashford and now teaches mainly at Maidstone, concentrating on our Junior and ladies program. During all the training, grading and competing she managed to find time to have two children and obtain her Black Belt 2nd Dan in 2014. Girl power!

Lewis Dacey

2nd Dan Black Belt
Lewis started training in 2008 with the sole intention of getting fit but like all of us he loved it right from the start. He’s started to get serious about grading for his belts in 2009 and after a lot of hard work and dedication was awarded his Black Belt in 2015, this was after a gruelling 2 days of fitness, pad work, combinations, sparring and a 3.5miles in under 25mins, no small feet.

Lewis has shown dedication to all aspects of the club from competing in light continuous competition to regularly teaching at the club. Lewis likes to focus on intense none stop work outs that really get the heart pumping. His goal this year is to gain his Black Belt 2nd Dan. Outside of kickboxing he’s a keen mountain bike rider but unfortunately he hasn’t been able to transfer his kickboxing balance to his bike so is prone to a crash! You will see Lewis training most night and teaching on a Thursday.

Jenna Yates

1st Dan Black Belt

Jenna was born kicking and has been kicking ever since. Martial arts runs in her family her mum a Black belt 1st Dan and her dad a Black Belt 4th Dan in Kyokashin Karate. Jenna entered her first dojo which was run by her dad at the age of 3 and continued till she achieved her junior brown belt. In 2008 she wanted to try a new Martial Art and joined TKO, instantly she became hooked and had one immediate goal, to step in the ring. As most of the instructors did she started with light continuous bouts, with a solid record she joined the full contact team in 2010. After 5 fights over 2 years she counts her highlight as competing in the World Classic in Florida where she lost a close decision in the final against Mckenzie Wright a much more experienced fighter with over 40 fights to her name and who now boxes for her country. As well as training hard for her fights she also trained for her belts and was awarded her 1st Dan in 2013. Having hung up her fighting gloves Jenna takes pride in training up the next generation of fighters from the juniors and cadets to the adults. She loves nothing more than supporting them to reach their potential in her role as instructor. Her next challenge is to undertake her 2nd Dan grading and coaching her two daughters in the Junior classes!

Shannon Beaney

1st Dan Black Belt

Michael Yorke

2nd Dan Black Belt
Michael Yorke or Yorkey is one of our instructors from Ashford. Yorkey joined the club in 2008 and after intense training and dedications was awarded his Black Belt 1st Dan in 2015. Like many of us Yorkey joined TKO to work on his fitness and to prove to a couple of work friends that he could train in Kickboxing. He went one better than just training for fitness and went on to compete in 13 light continuous and 2 full contact Kickboxing fight, so he achieved his goal of getting fit! Training for fights meant long hours in the gym and on the road running but is well justified when his hand was raised in victory. Kickboxing wasn’t his first martial arts, he training in shotakan karate and reached the adult brown belt at the age of 13yrs and then went into wada rue as a teenager. Yorkeys love for kickboxing comes from being able to combine fitness and martial arts in one discipline, something he feels wasn’t there in karate. In Yorkeys words there is no sport like kickboxing where you can have a good sparring punch up on a Friday night in the ring and then share a beer straight after…#ultimate respect!

Yorkey does find some time to work for Land Rover and raise his new family.

Shane McInerey

1st Dan Black Belt
Shane has been a solid member of the Ashford club since the first day it opened back in 2006 and was the first member, often quoting his membership number of 001, not quite 007! Not satisfied with being the first member he went one step further and became the first Ashford member to achieve his 1st Dan black belt in 2010. The two day grading for his 1st Dan was in Shanes words ‘one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do’ but he earned it and came through smiling having finished off the grading sparing 10 round with some of our top fighters at the time. Achieving the black belt is no easy feat at TKO.
As well as training for his black belt he started fighting competitively, first in numerous light continuous shows and then moving on to fighting in full contact kickboxing bouts. Between 2009 and 2011 he had a total of 6 bouts.
Shane decided to have a years sabbatical, rumour has it his beard was in such high demand he was asked to be the beard double for Tom Hanks in Cast Away.Shane couldn’t stay away for long and soon return to part his wisdom on to our members, fight team and regularly teaches across all programs.
Outside the gym he enjoys training his springer however its probably the other way round.

Michael Digby

1st Dan Black Belt

Michael or Digby to all the members started training in martial arts when he was 6 years old in Shotakon Karate. He moved to kickboxing when he was 17 years old with the aim of bringing more variety to his skill set. He was training in Deal but due to work commitments, he had to temporarily hang up his gloves. In 2011 at the age of 31, he decided it was time to dust off his gloves and join TKO in Ashford. Training only part-time initially Digby’s love of the sport soon returned and so too his desire to step in the ring and compete. When Digby joined in 2011 he weighed close to 18st over the course of 3 years and training more regularly he dropped his weight down to 13st. Not only was he able to lose weight and get fit he was awarded his black belt in Nov 2015. His dream of stepping in the ring to compete in a full contact show was realised in 2014 and after 2 full contact kickboxing fights he tried his hand at white collar boxing, competing in 4 fights he then felt he could focus on supporting and training of the white collar boxing members at Ashford the fight squad. Outside of TKO he loves the challenge of an OCR race, running with his dog and going shopping for another loud! bandana for the gym

James started playing football at a very young age and ended up playing for his county and semi-pro until going to university to study. It was playing football that inspired him to stay fit and healthy throughout his life. He wanted to be apart of something that enabled him to have more confidence, discipline and a higher level of fitness. Training in the Martial Arts seemed the next logical step. Being apart of the Genesis fight school is where he cut his teeth and shed blood, sweat and tears learning his craft of Kickboxing & Kung Fu. Always being fascinated by the Martial Arts and how a human being can attain such a high level of skill. His interest has moved him towards Boxing, Wing Chun, Brazilian JuJitsu and Tae Kwon-Do to advance his knowledge of the art of fighting.

Now ready to submit as a Stuntman he is a resident instructor at TKO Academy when he isn’t fighting, training, high diving, scuba diving, trampolining, swimming or running seminars.

Maciej Janowicz

Boxing Instructor
Maciej is one of our boxing coaches and joined the club in 2011 initially to learn a new skill and improve his fitness at the same time . As many have done at TKO he quickly caught the boxing bug, stepped up the training, began sparring and represented TKO Academy in several White Collar boxing events.

Maciej has a keen interest in fitness and this is evident by the sweat-covered matts after his class. He knows first hand the importance of cardio work in order to get yourself fit for a fight or to improve your self-esteem and all round fitness. Maciej teaches the Wednesday boxing class and supports our fight team on the numerous shows we attend. Outside of the gym he constantly strives to achieve that perfect balance between his work as a teacher, his passion for photography and his family. If you have the chance to go to his class don’t ask for the Mayweather exercise at the end! Or do. We dare you!

Alan is one of our boxing coaches and has been with us since 2016. Alan comes with a wealth of experience across multiple disciplines but now focuses solely on boxing, both teaching and competing. He is an integral part of our fight team and also runs the Dedicated White Collar Boxing Charity program.
Alan is an active fighter with a record of 8 wins, 7 by KO, one loss and is the current Cruiserweight and Kent Champion cruiserweight.

His dedication to the sport is unquestionable and he will often share his knowledge within our kickboxing classes. He has a keen focus on fitness and takes our circuit class as he knows all too well the importance of cardio to compete at the highest level. Alan has taken up running and is part of the regular TKO running team, although a bit of fun he intends to compete in his first marathon later this year.

On the rare occasion, he is not in the gym he can be seen somewhere near bluebell hill try to find his Doberman Boris!!

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