The classes at TKO Kickboxing Academy

Want kickboxing classes tailored to your individual goals and ambitions? From junior classes to white collar evening classes, you’re bound to find the perfect class for you at our fully equipped gym.

Explore your options below and view our Ashford and Maidstone timetables. Ready to book your class? Give us a call or visit our location. We also provide private lessons for individuals and small groups.

Ashford's Little Kickers

For ages 3-7 years.

Junior Kickboxing

For ages 5-10 years.

Cadet Kickboxing

For ages 11-16 years.

Basic Kickboxing

Looking to learn
self defence.

A twice-weekly programme for children aged 5 to 10 taught in a safe, disciplined-but-fun atmosphere. Each class offers tuition in kickboxing plus an exercise programme designed to maximise fitness levels. Each participant will be given the opportunity to grade using our specially-adapted junior grading syllabus.

Designed for those aged 11 to 16, our cadet programme offers four classes a week. The programme gives you the chance to tackle the full kickboxing syllabus, with a further sparring class on Fridays. If you wish to take part in sparring and competition, please note that all sparring is light contact, conducted under strict supervision and with full safety equipment.

Want to build a solid kickboxing foundation or refresh your memory? Our Basic Kickboxing Fitness programme is designed to give adults an introduction to kickboxing. With four classes per week, we will guide you through the first two grades of the syllabus alongside pad-based workouts.

Advanced Kickboxing

Want to take your
training to the next stage.

White Collar Kickboxing

Do you have an
hectic schedule?


High intensity training.

For those students who wish to participate in the full kickboxing experience, we offer tuition in technique that encompasses the full grading syllabus. You will have the choice of up to four classes a week, including a special ‘sparring only’ class for those wishing to participate.

Additionally, full ‘fighting training’ will be given, getting you fight-fit with bag work, skipping, free pad work and sparring. It is not necessary for you to have taken part in the basic programme prior to joining advanced lessons.

Juggling a hectic work or family schedule? White Collar Boxing and Kickboxing has drastically grown in popularity over recent years, allowing people to get involved who otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so. Attend one of our classes and you will be free to simply enjoy the fitness benefits or – once you have reached a suitable level – to compete.

K-1 is a high intensity combat sport that uses disciplines and skills from a range of fighting strategies, from kickboxing to Muay Thai. With dedicated training sessions and regular events organised, come along and test your mettle.

Ladies Only Classes

Tune up and
and get fit.

White Collar Boxing

Interested in learning
how to box?.

Squad Training

Are you dedicated enough?

Our ladies only classes or all taught by females.

They are based in Ashford on a Thursday at 7.30 and Maidstone is on a Tuesday 7.30. Our classes are designed for you to get fit, teach kickboxing and learn self defence. The class is suitable for beginners.

If you’re looking to get fit and tone up, this is a great class for you. Come down and have a free induction class. Pay as you go Memebership.

White Collar Boxing is a form of boxing where men and women with little to no previous boxing experience. In white collar professions train like professional boxers to fight at special events. Here at TKO Academy we support you through your journey all the way with all the top of the range equipment and training methods.

Nothing compares to the adrenaline of fighting like a professional in front of a crowd cheering your name.

The squad trains on a regular basis and is open to anyone who regularly trains, wants to improve their fighting skills and is looking to get onto the fighting scene. The squad caters for all categories ranging from cadets, juniors, youths, seniors & veterans who are ready to advance in competition training.

To be selected members must attend regular squad sessions, must have an up to date license, insurance, registration and meet the standard specified by the Coach.

Get Fit Quick with our Saturday Circuit Class

Should you be seeking a fitness class that really burns fat, tone your body and increases self-esteem, then try our Saturday morning fitness class from 9.30AM to 11.00AM, you are welcome to join our students training alongside our regular martial arts team members and torch your fat and burn your lungs through a challenging and fun circuit session. We practice both anaerobic and aerobic techniques together with core stability exercises. Any level fitness can join as it is just you against you, working at your own pace and competing what you can compete. No judgement, no pressure it’s just you.

Saturday Circuits

A more exciting & quicker way to get fit.
Max No. People 20 / circuit class

Do you want to join our growing team?