So why does the first five minutes of exercise also feel the hardest?

If that statement above rings true for you and if you have trouble running or jogging for longer than five minutes. Or are panting while on a quick bike ride, don’t worry – you are not the only one.

The first five minutes of exercise are always the hardest because our body relies on two energy systems (ATP-PC and the anaerobic glycolysis system) to supply energy without needing oxygen…

What does oxygen have to do with exercise? I hear you ask…

When working out, the muscles in your body contract allowing you to move, to do this those muscles need plenty of oxygen. So the harder you exercise, the more oxygen your body needs. Which is why it is recommended to have a good warmup to prepare you for your hard exercise ahead. The warmup doesn’t just prepare your body for combat or for the moves ahead. It actually always you to be able to breathe right when you are exercising.

During those initial five minutes your body doesn’t take in the amount of oxygen required.

During the first five minutes of exercise, the body doesn’t take in the right amount of oxygen required to move the body, thus going into oxygen debt which is why you feel out of breath. However, if you keep moving, your body will slowly catch up to the oxygen demand. Approximately after three to five minutes, the body will switch from its previous energy systems to the aerobic energy system, which is more efficient at supplying oxygen.

When you’ve reached this point your body will start to feel warm because the oxygen and blood is now flowing around your body more efficiently. So the more you do a particular exercise the more efficient your oxygen uptake will be thus aiding you to become better at this movement.

If you still find the first five minutes hard it is because your warmup maybe too intense or might not be structured correctly. Do you find the first five minutes of exercise to be the hardest? How do you get past it?

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